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Hair Twirling- Side-Effects You Should Know About

Hair Twirling- Side-Effects You Should Know About

on Nov 24, 2019 in Hair Guide

Are you willing to coiling or twirling your hair then you should stop and read this article first. In this you will comet o know about side effects of a twirler for hair that can easily ruin your hair without even letting you know. It is true that it can save a lot of time for you and also it can be common habit for many of the women, but you should not do it on regular basis.

Children specially do this for self-soothing, but they are not aware about the cons of twirling as it might not be a simple deal especially for those who love their hair. It can also be a sign of nervousness for many people so you should work on that if you want to get rid of twirling your hair.

knotted hair

Here are some side-effects you should know

It is essential to know about the side-effects so that you can come to know better about it and you should start avoiding it. Following are some of the side-effects for you-

  • Hair breakage

It makes the hair weak and thus that result in breakage of it. So if you love your hair then you should stop twirling it on the daily basis.

  • Knotted hair

It will lead to make your hair tangled and thus that does not look good. It will keep tangling daily and you have to spend more time on it to resolve it so keep this thing in mind.

  • Bald patches

Hair loss is the scariest situation that can cause bald patches which is why you should stop twirling it.

These are some of the side effects of twirling hair you should know and stop doing it for the protection of your hair.